Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here's my first question. What are some things you've said to your children that has caused them to ask "why?"


nancyttmomof5 said...

Oh four year old has mastered the art of asking "Why?"! She's # 4 of 5 I've come to realize some of it's developmental. Jenny, get dressed. "Why?" Jenny, it's time to eat breakfast. "Why?" Isn't it a beautiful day outside! "Why?" Stop hitting your sister. "Why?" Why Why Why Why Why!

"Why" is not always whiny, it's not necessarily rebellious, but it can be very very irritating! And it's not often appreciated, especially when I'm running around trying to get 5 children out the door!

Sometimes I offer explanations, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I ignore the "why". Sometimes, exasperated, I just curl up into a little ball and cry. And my little Jenny just asks "why?"

Anonymous said...

My 4 year old asks why all the time. I answer him but was not sure what to do when he asked other people a lot of why's. One day a lady we ran into who was a teacher said, "Man I'd love to have him in my class at school, asking all these questions." It kind of gave me a different perspective.

Tracy Popolizio said...

Ok, I'm glad I haven't been the only one exasperated at the "why's". I do love the idea of putting a different perspective on it, even though it may not always make you feel better!